Radiant Life Style

Radiant Life Style is a premium lifestyle arm of Radiant Life Insurance and Radiant Life Private Wealth. It completes our brand experience of “classy”, “pleasant”, “family oriented” and “fun loving”.

Radiant Life Style will organize and sponsor events with these elements. Every year, we research for companies that offer product and services with these characteristics, then share with our friends and clients.


Value and Taste

In Radiant, we love to give our customers surprises. Either we surprise them with private showing or international film festival. Season pass for young family to Canada’s Wonderland theme park. Tickets to sport games, events, and charity gala. Limousine drop off to the airport. Invitation to a special culinary event. Adventure tour. Our clients are the members of Radiant family. It is our way to say, “Thank you, for Living a Radiant life.”


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