Fête Chinoise 2019

Radiant Life Style, the lifestyle brand of Radiant Life Insurance is proud to support Fête Chinoise 2019.

Fête Chinoise is an annual showcase and cocktail gala, presented in a gallery-style. The event elevates and inspires guests for their modern celebrations through curated art installations, inspired food and beverage pairings, and live performing arts. Industry leaders in event design, decor, floral design, music, food, and stationery are carefully selected to deliver modern interpretations of cultural traditions and ceremonies in a way that stimulates all senses. Attendees are encouraged to slow their pace, and intimately experience how the best of the industry modernize and elevate thousand year old traditions.

“You have to come to experience it. Fête Chinoise channel individuals to deepen the connection between their identity and culture. Through a curated lens and critical thinking, young and creative Asian Canadian artist present meaningful stories, artful experiences, and inspiring products. The event is classy, tasteful, and forward thinking, which resonate with our firm’s brand. This is our 3rd year in the row supporting this event.” said, Tim Chuang, the Founder and Principle Advisor of Radiant Life Insurance and Radiant Private Wealth.

Fête Chinoise 2019 Signature Event. will be held on January 26, 2019 at the Art Gallery of Ontario. It will be the most spectacular Chinese New Year party Toronto has ever seen. For tickets or learn more about Fete Chinoise, please check out their website at http://www.fetechinoise.ca/

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