About Radiant Financial Group

Radiant Life Insurance is a boutique financial firm that specializes in life insurance, financial planning, and wealth management.  

In order to meet our client’s broader financial needs, we have access to a network of professionals, such as accountants, mortgage brokers, and home and auto insurance brokers at the same office. We share the same passion and work closely together to provide highly personalized financial services to clients like you. 

Radiant (TM) is a registered trademark owned by Radiant Life Insurance Inc.


爲了滿足客戶各方面的理財需要,我們有其他專業領域的專家能介紹與合作。例如會計師,房貸經紀和房險車險的保險經紀。 儘管不同的專業領域,大家都是充滿朝氣的夥伴們,因同樣秉持優質的服務精神,擁有相同的熱誠,能一起提供高度貼身且優質的服務給您。


Our Culture and People

At Radiant Financial Group, we set ourselves apart from the competition with a superior end-to-end service experience. We know the key to our success is the culture and the people of our company. This is why building a client centric culture has been, and forever will be, our top priority. Putting clients first, is not a punch line, but the core of our brand experience.


Why Radiant Group?

We are committed to partnering with our clients for the long term. When an insurance policy is issued, mortgage is closed, tax is filed, it is not the end of a transaction. It is the start of a long term relationship.


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